House of Flowers

Hello Darlings,

Today was spent again exploring all that Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania has to offer. Sarah and I adventured to Phipps Conservatory in Oakland. To play along with the greenery Sarah and I played with whites and navy to help bring out greens. The skirt is my newest purchases, its the Milly Collection at Kohls and I think it is simply amazing. It really makes me feel my inner girly side. The gallery below is capturing our amazing day! Enjoy:)

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Red, White, and Of Course Blue

Hello Darlings,

As we rapidly approach the 4th of July (the day we show our love to America with fireworks and cookouts) I wanted to share a few ideas you can take for this  weekend! Red, white, and blue are three beautiful colors that were picked by our founding fathers to have meaning to our country, America, other than them just looking great together on a flag.  According to, “White signifies purity and innocence, Red, hardiness & valour, and Blue, the color of the Chief”.(Who knew a little history lesson would be thrown into today’s blog post ;). Being from this beautiful country, I realize there is so much to be thankful for and to realize the huge impact that America has not only had on our lives but others. Enjoy & have a safe holiday!

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Best Days are Filled with Berries

Hello lovelies!!! Yesterday I went on another adventure to a farm to go berry picking! I went with my two dear friends and we tried to bring style to this fun activity! Alana brought the farmer chic look with overalls and Caitlin had a darling dress on. All while I stuck to basic white shorts and cowboy boots. Boy was I glad to have my boots on because the dirt fields. So check out the fun adventure (by clicking on the photos below) today and I promise there are more to come!

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Lost in the Land of Randy

HELLO MY DARLINGS! So happy to be back blogging after a LONG time. Sorry for the hiatus but college was kicking butt!  But it is finally summer and I am starting it off right with a little hometown exploring. Yesterday I went downtown this free museum in Pittsburgh called Randyland. If you’re ever in PGH seriously go, this little house is filled with color and inspiration. My friend Sarah and I were even lucky enough to meet the artist Randy and learn his inspiration for this art piece. So click on the pictures below to check out our fabulous day 🙂

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Festival Fashion

I am 80ish days away from Bonnaroo… and I could not be more excited! Not only is  Bonnaroo near but festivals such as Coachella, Firefly, and others are too! The hippie fashion is at a high so here, are some of my favorites that I may be wearing at Roo 🙂 Also throw any pieces that you have found in the comments below! I love to hear some feedback!! (Click on the links below to find out the details on them and for a better view)

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Check out my interview for my school based magazine below! Thank you to  22807 threads for giving me such an awesome opportunity!

Meet Chelsea

Chelsea channels classic fashion icons as inspiration for her personal style.

Favorite piece of jewelry: My bracelet. It’s a little, gold charm bracelet that I want to keep adding to. My mom bought my first two.

Personal style in one word: Feminine.

Style icons: I love Jaqueline Kennedy, Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly. Today, I’m obsessing over Blake Lively, Olivia Palmero, and Kate Middleton.

Favorite places to shop: I love Nordstrom, H&M, and Madewell.

Dream vacation: Tour Europe.

Is there a trend you wouldn’t try: Overalls or birkenstoks.

Date night outfit: Definitely not a dress because that seems like you’re trying too hard. I would probably wear a really cute top, nice jeans, and flats.

Song that never gets old: Anything Dave Matthews.

Dress: Tobi

Booties: Kohls

Photo Credit: 22807 threads & Maddy Williams


For more things fashion related, Check out my Instagram @ ! I usually post fun things that are not always seen on the blog! So check it out my fashionistas 🙂

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Everyone’s Woman Crush

If I could say anything about Blake Lively is that her beauty and style always leaves me speechless. This single woman has captivated the world and is truly a style icon. I do not know a guy would not want to date her, and a girl who does not want to be her.  Her effortless but sooo fabulous will continue to conquer the fashion scene. We can strive to be as cool as her by replicating some of my favorite outfits she has worn:

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Instead of Love Always for this post I feel I should end with classic Gossip Girl so,



Parisian Style is Always a Good Idea

There is something about Paris that makes it so such a breathtaking city. From the endless amount of historic places to the walkway along Seine, Paris offers a variety of allure. One of the most amazing thing about Paris is the street style worn by the Parisians. Their effortless style is something that personally as an American, I dream to have. Bringing some of these French staples into your closet can add ‘Je ne sais quoi’ into your personal style.

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Style Brought to the Oval Office

In honor of President’s Day, I decided to do a piece on my favorite couple to be in the White House, John and Jacqueline Kennedy. This will most likely be my first of many posts about the famous couple who brought the Camelot Era to the United States. There is just something about the Kennedy’s that continues to fascinate me and I could spend countless hours learning about their lives. I believe that this was the first Presidency for the couple to be recognized as fashion icons. For example, JFK changed men’s fashion by choosing not wearing fedoras like most men wore everywhere during that time. This choice of his caused the decline in dress hats being worn (especially to work) by men.  As for Jackie, her grace and style has forever changed fashion. From the pearls, to the pillbox hats, the Gucci bags, and shift dresses, she has created so many staples for women even today.

So heres to President’s Day, and The Kennedy’s for changing it fashion in the White House.

Love Always,


(Pictures are all from JFK Library)