Everyone’s Woman Crush

If I could say anything about Blake Lively is that her beauty and style always leaves me speechless. This single woman has captivated the world and is truly a style icon. I do not know a guy would not want to date her, and a girl who does not want to be her.  Her effortless but sooo fabulous will continue to conquer the fashion scene. We can strive to be as cool as her by replicating some of my favorite outfits she has worn:

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Instead of Love Always for this post I feel I should end with classic Gossip Girl so,



Style Brought to the Oval Office

In honor of President’s Day, I decided to do a piece on my favorite couple to be in the White House, John and Jacqueline Kennedy. This will most likely be my first of many posts about the famous couple who brought the Camelot Era to the United States. There is just something about the Kennedy’s that continues to fascinate me and I could spend countless hours learning about their lives. I believe that this was the first Presidency for the couple to be recognized as fashion icons. For example, JFK changed men’s fashion by choosing not wearing fedoras like most men wore everywhere during that time. This choice of his caused the decline in dress hats being worn (especially to work) by men.  As for Jackie, her grace and style has forever changed fashion. From the pearls, to the pillbox hats, the Gucci bags, and shift dresses, she has created so many staples for women even today.

So heres to President’s Day, and The Kennedy’s for changing it fashion in the White House.

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(Pictures are all from JFK Library)

All Hail Your Royal Fashion Highness!

Do I even need to write an intro? Kate Middleton is known to be one of the most influential style icon of our society. Isn’t it obvious the reasons why though? Once this future Queen wears a designers outfit, its hard for stores to keep that item in stock! We have not even discussed her wedding dress which honestly changed the whole wedding industry! Isn’t obvious why though? She carries so much charm and poise about her. Why wouldn’t we want to be her? Here are a few pieces to make you feel like a princess: (Click on Images to see)

Bow down to Kate


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Skipping Breakfast, but Still Shopping at Tiffany’s

Many people today admire Audrey Hepburn for her way of living life with elegance and style. She is a perfect icon for us modern day women who are looking to show off our own class. Looking back on some of her most famous looks, I am going to give modern day suggestions on how you can add Audrey to your style!

(Click on images below to find out where there from and how much)

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